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The future of residential construction in New Zealand

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A dramatic leap forward in New Zealand home construction.

Prefabrication represents a dramatic leap forward in New Zealand home building, allowing reductions in construction time, waste, costs and labor.

Framelink prefabricated panels and casettes are designed to be used for your interior and exterior walls, roof and mid-floors. One of the key advantages of prefabrication is that construction takes place in a quality-controlled factory, providing the ability to greatly improve the quality and standard of the build, while removing the risks of working at height.

Faster constructon, reduced waste.

One of the many advantages of the prefabrication process is that there is very little waste created in the manufacturing process, significantly reducing the overall cost of materials. Additionally, Framelink panels provide high thermal performance making your home more energy efficient.

Once the Framelink panels and cassettes arrive onsite, they can be erected very quickly, creating a wind and weathertight environment in days. This simplifies and speeds up the build process and allows the trades into the house weeks sooner than what’s been previously possible.